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Apollo Cleaning Franchising - The process

Becoming an Operator

Becoming an Apollo Operator is a long term commitment. That’s why we have a well thought out, thorough process for your Application. The process of the Application is set at a pace that’s perfect for you as well as giving us a chance to train and develop your skills to becoming a truly successful Apollo Operator.

Meet us

  • 1 - Meet us

    Before you begin your Application process, we highly recommend that you contact us to arrange to visit one of our many sites across the UK where we can answer your questions and you can make sure that becoming an Apollo Operator is right for you.

Application process - 4 to 10 weeks

  • 2 - Make an application

    If you like what you have seen? Then it’s time to apply. Make sure you have your financial details and references at hand to aid your application.

  • 3 - First Interview

    This is our opportunity to get to know you and find out why you’d like to become an Apollo Operator. It also helps us make sure you’d be a great fit for our Company and you’ll also be able to ask a few questions too.

  • 4 - The Five Day Cleaning Experience

    This stage of the process will see you spend five days working with an established team to find out how things truly run. It’ll also help you think about how you’d like to run your own area too. You’ll get to see our Operating systems, find out what its like to clean using our products and engage with an existing Apollo Operator.

  • 5 - Second Interview

    We’ll further explore your suitability to be an Apollo Operator with our Head of Franchising and Regional Manager. You’ll be asked about your five days of Cleaning Experience as well as having a chance to ask any questions.

  • 6 - Panel Interview

    This interview will be held following a successful second interview.

    At this Stage, the final interview will be with an Owner, the Financial Director and the Regional Manager for your area.


  • 7 - Training

    Following a successful Panel interview, its now time to begin your training. You’ll be given notice and time before you start and we can usually work around your usual availability. The training will require your dedication and commitment. The training combines theory and practice, giving you both practical cleaning experience and management knowledge for around 4 week. Following this, there’s an immersion process and then your area is handed over to you.

  • 8 - The Premises

    During your training, you maybe presented with an offer to have an Office space made available to you in your Operating area. If you accept, we’ll start the process during the handover.

  • 9 - The Handover

    Its the big day! You’ll receive the keys to your Premises if offered and accepted. You’ll also receive your Uniform bundle for you and your new Team. You’ll receive marketing materials to assist in acquiring new clients and be handed any client contact information for existing contracts in your area. If you selected for your Team to be initially provided by our Staffing Service, you’ll be introduced to them and your Group Accountant. Our Regional Manager and Franchise Manager will be on hand throughout the first week to ensure you’re supported through your transition into your own area.

Ready to apply?

Take your first step towards becoming an Apollo Operator.

Cardiff Offices:
Apollo Wales HQ
No. 16 Crwys Road
Roath, Cardiff
CF24 4NJ

02920 100 004

London Office:
Floor 24
The Shard
London SE1 9SG

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