Millennials spark surge for Domestic Help

9 January, 2019

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A quarter of under 35's said they would rather do other things with their free time than dust and vacuum, and a further one in four find the work too boring to do themselves.

Families are increasingly paying for their chores to be done – with one in three British households now hiring domestic help.

And the trend is being partly driven by the under-35s, who are the most likely to take on a cleaner, a study has found.

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As a result, it is not just the well-heeled who can pay others to do the hoovering and ironing or tidy the garden, according to the study by insurers esure.

A spokesman said: ‘The idea of having regular help coming to your home is something that is traditionally associated with the well-to-do but it is becoming more mainstream.

‘In fact one in four of those on modest household incomes – earning up to £20,000 per year – now hire regular help.’

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Researchers found that twice as many people under the age of 35 have a cleaner compared to older people – 16 per cent versus 9 per cent.

While this may appear to be laziness, it's far more likely to be that under 35's are working long hours to fund life’s essentials.

Across the nation, working long hours and a busy social life are given as the main motivation for hiring a cleaner. While one in three simply say it is just easier to use a professional to do chores properly.

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A quarter of under 35's said they would rather do other things with their free time than dust and vacuum, and a further one in four find the work too boring to do themselves.

The research found that one in four households have a window cleaner and nearly a fifth – 17 per cent - employ gardeners.

One in 20 households hire handymen for simple jobs. Interestingly, a higher proportion of men rather than women brought in an expert - 6 per cent versus 4 per cent.

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Other studies suggest today’s young men have never learned basic DIY skills and simply would not know where to start on changing a tap washer or putting up a shelf.

Generation Y are forking out the most for their hired help with the under 35s spending an average of £204 last month compared to the average of £127.

Despite the significant sums of money being handed over, the majority of people – 87per cent – do it on a ‘cash in hand’ basis.

Esure said people bringing in strangers to work around their home are not being as careful as they should. Fewer than one in four check references and four in five do not have a formal written contract.

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