A Quick Update!

8 July, 2018

Summer is here and at Apollo Wales, we've never been busier. So, we thought that as its a sunny, Sunday afternoon, we'd take the opportunity to catch you up on the latest at our fantastic Cardiff Company

In August, Apollo Wales will reach its fourth birthday. Making our way through the terrible two's, any parent will tell you that three year old's require just as much maintenance and there's not a lot of difference between raising a child and developing a Company.

At Apollo Wales, we've recently seen a sharp intake of new Staff following the successful addition of multiple new contracts across our trading areas. New Staff is always a challenging time for the Company as its vital that we choose the right person to, not only clean for you, but represent us too! Our Team of committed Staff are the lifeline of the Company; providing exceptional standards every day of the year.

Our efforts to recruit the best have meant creating and adding a package thats unrivalled by any other cleaning company in our arena. We've added healthcare, gym membership and much more to this years staff package and we're in talks to add even more. This package really assists in retaining the excellent, quality staff you'll become used to as a customer and helps avoid the need to frequently change your team.

Our efforts have recently meant our second concurrent year as 'Employer of the Year'; a never-before-seen event at the Awards Ceremony!

Employer of the Year Cleaning Company Apollo Wales in Cardiff

You can read more about the Awards Ceremony by clicking Here

At Apollo Wales, we're always striving to grow and further expand our service without treading too much on the toes of our Competitors. We're a true believer that there's lots of work available for lots of Companies and we'll only takeover if there's a specific request from the client. This type of action has meant that several Commercial Cleaning Companies have entrusted us to take on work that they're either not capable of completing or struggling to find the Staff. Offering a great rate and a secure duration for our Team, we're handling more than 15 contracts for Cleaning Companies in Cardiff alone with requests being added daily. Of course, we're not in a position to release the names of our Clients but rest assured, we're doing a fantastic job for them too!

As our Team grow and expand, we've also expanded our line of services!

We now offer a fantastic range of window cleaning services, power washing and external cladding cleaning services too. All fulfilled in house by our trusted wet cleaning team.

We've recently completed a service for Cardiff Council at their Dogs Home:

Power washing and jet washing window cleaning Cardiff Apollo Wales Commercial Cleaning Cardiff

We'll shortly be releasing a Brand New Home Service for all our Welsh Clients so keep watching for updates on this service too.

Have a fantastic summer and thanks for taking the time to check out our newsfeed!

- Chris and Jak

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