Get your Pantry organised: How and Why!

21 May, 2018

Every now and again, your pantry should get a once over to make sure your home runs as smoothly as your workplace.


  • Zone your pantry: separating the types of food in categories is advised. One section for pasta, one section for cans, one for cereals etc. It won't just look tidier but it also reduces the cooking time by eliminating the need to look for hidden food.
    Also, in case of child or relative with food allergies, it would help keeping their food on a separate zone.
    You can be helped also by plastic boxes with labels... if you wanted to make it even prettier!


  • Keeping the pantry organised also helps to save money: how many time have you bought duplicates, just because you couldn't see or find the items in the shelves? Once you see what you have, you can make an updated list of what’s in stock and so, what needs to be bought.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your pantry clean and tidy but if you're a little short of time; we're here to help!

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