Our First Outdoor Management Meeting

12 January, 2018

In 2018, it'll be the beginning of an increase in awareness to improve each member of Staffs health. Our first Management Meeting seemed like the perfect opportunity so we had decided that Roath Park would be a green place to have a coffee and have a good walk through nature.

Taking advantage of the lovely sunny day, on Wednesday 10th January, our Management Team met at the coffee shop by the lake at Roath Park (picture).

News and information were passed between the Managers who were on the annual leave during the Christmas period, while ideas and solutions were found in order to cooperate and keep a well-organised, busy life at Apollo HQ.

To reduce stress and keep our Managers minds active, we decided to walk around the lake through the green and amazing park while discussing ideas and organising our workload for the busy months ahead.

Throughout the long path, trees and kind dogs, a healthy walk was taken, while speaking about business and the already (and too fast) gone Christmas time.

We have learned that walking is the best way that brilliant ideas occur, but not just that; Walking keeps you fit, while taking in the fresh air and brisk morning weather.

As mentioned earlier, 2018 will be our Fitness Year and each of our Managers meetings will be held outdoors at various places across the UK, while discussing and talking about how to continue the growth at Apollo.

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